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Running a sanctuary takes more than pats, cuddles and kisses. It also takes a lot of money. As a not for profit registered charity we rely on the goodwill of those who care about animals. Every day expenses include feed, shelters, medication, cleaning, veterinary assistance, and fencing. These costs add up and any donation, no matter how big or small, will help the animals. We are a No Kill Sanctuary which means that animals that are not suitable to be re-homed, or have special needs stay here for the remainder of their lives.

Sponsorship does not cover the full cost of caring for the animals, nor does it take into account their feeding costs. It is with this in mind that Big Ears allows the animals to be sponsored by more than one sponsor. If you can’t find the animal that’s right for you on this page, have a look at the animals already sponsored and contact Big Ears about a joint sponsor.

Sponsors are sent a laminated certificate with the name and photo of the sponsored animal thanking them for their sponsorship as well as a Big Ears sticker.

Big Ears would really love some corporate sponsorship to help with ongoing costs. 100% of all donations is spent on the animals – there are no wages paid, all staff are volunteers.

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