September 2013

Our technical woes continue with Face Book closing our page and asking us to create a page not a profile page like we have. We’re just looking into what we have to do and how much information will be lost by the transformation. So we apologise to anyone who has messaged us, we actually cannot get into the page at all to see what is going on. If it is something important please email us on

20th September 2013 4 baby bunnies arrived at the Sanctuary after their nest had been destroyed by someone gardening. The babies appear to be 10 days old with their eyes just opening. I am feeding them a bottle of divetelact and woke at 3.30am this morning for a feed which went well.

Georgie is one of the 8 bunnies we took in in August who went on to have 7 baby buns. Her babies are doing well and eyes are open. Even though Georgie is a white bunny, all her babies are a beautiful silver colour. Rose’s 4 babies are also doing well. Rose is a silver bunny and she has had a baby of each colour. One is silver, one is black and white, one is white and one is grey/brown. I will post photos as we will need to start thinking about sponsorships for these babies and their mummies.

Sponsorships have ben slow and Big Ears is a bit strapped for money at the moment hence the Face Book campaign to get some of the animals sponsored. The response has been good so far.

18th September 2013 we had to say goodbye to Louis the rooster who was a dear friend to Jacqui. He would seek her out and follow her around, they were good friends. Sadly he was found passed away.

17th September 2013 Big Ears took in 2 young cockerals. They are named Lancelot and Lincoln.

September 2013, Jacqui has ben unwell and had to be hospitalised due to low immunity from the previous chemo and cancer. She is now out of hospital but things will be a bit slow in terms of response times to requests and sponsorship certificates and receipts. Please be patient with us.

Already this month we had to say goodbye to 3 roosters. Pippin developed a condition with his legs and could no longer balance himself and had to be put to sleep. Edward Longfeather we think got into a fight with another rooster and sustained neurological damage and also had to be put to sleep. Finally ‘little man’ our youngest cockerel lost weight rapidly and would not respond to treatment and also had to be put to sleep.