Product Description

Big Ears is the only ‘no kill’ animal sanctuary in Tasmania that exists entirely to provide a ‘forever home’ to over 450 abandoned or mistreated animals. Donations to Big Ears are tax deductible and all money goes directly to the animals with no staff costs. Big Ears is largely self funded with extra assistance provided by way of kind donations and sponsorship.

The cost of caring for over 450 animals soon adds up to approximately one hundred thousand dollars per year. Each week Big Ears goes through an average of 84 cans of cat food, 21 cans of dog food, 18 bales of hay, 6 sacks of wheat, 6 sacks of pellets, 4 sacks of rabbit food, 2 sacks of bird seed, 1 sack of goat meal and 1 sack of chaff. Big ears is luckily provided with 14 wheelie bins of fresh fruit and veg and 6 wheelie bins of bread free from Woolworths every week.

There is also a yearly vet bill of approximately forty thousand dollars.

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