October 2013

We now have a double wash trough, hot water, hot water cylinder and a washing machine for our hospital. Thankyou so much to everyone involved for making this happen. It has already made our lives much easier.

End of October, early November, we took on a 30 year old cockatoo. 1 female guinea pig and a male rabbit named Spencer.

The vet visited last week for 12 bunny vaccinations, 2 dog vaccinations, 4 cats vaccinations and may other consultations.

I am currently adding new animals onto the sponsorship page under How to Help, as a number of sponsorships have now expired and many animals are waiting for a person to want to sponsor them for 12 months. Makes a great Christmas gift idea.

Kirsty Dunphey read our story in the Sunday Examiner on 6th October 2013. She was so moved that she looked at our website and set her sights on our ‘wish list’. Kirsty has amazed us with her ability to get things done. Kirsty has already secured a hot water cylinder for us from Tradelink as well as Faulkner Plumbing offering their time and expertise to install the cylinder. The cylinder will go into our hospital to provide hot water for washing up as well as our washing machine (on wish list) so we can wash up the animal bedding. This is very exciting for us and we are so happy to have Kirsty on board helping us realise our wish list dreams. We can see why she has won so many awards and is the success that she is.

Check out the story in the Sunday Tasmania Examiner on 6th October 2013 which featured a story on Big Ears Animal Sanctuary. If you go online you can also see a video interview with Jacqui and Brett as well as a photo gallery.

We rehomed Moriarty the cat and Kisses the baby rabbit. Both have gone to special homes.

Our 3 other rabbits that we took in from a neglect situation are needing lots of vet visits. Boots in particular will have ongoing dental issues and a number of operations to rectify this. Sparkle will need his coat shaved after it was allowed to become matted and full of mud. Petey seems to be doing ok and is very affectionate.

Spencer the cat was booked in for his neuter but he was so afraid and difficult to catch that he ended up not going to the vet. We’re going to have to think of some sneaky ways to get him into the pet carrier.

On 6th October 2013 we said goodbye to older buns Mr Inky and Candy. They were some of the first bunnies to arrive at the Sanctuary back in 2008. They were both unwell and in the end acting quite elderly as well. They are both sadly missed but we also know that whilst at Big Ears they had the best life we could offer them and they enjoyed every moment.