October 2012

Update for October 2012. Jack the goat was castrated and is recovering well. 2 roosters passed away. Snowy and Casper and Sheba the rabbits passed away.

24 rabbits had their health checks and vaccinations. We are treating 1 turkey and 1 rooster for sore feet. 10 male rabbits were neutered and 10 female rabbits were also speyed.

I rabbit named Sophie had her eye removed as she had cancer and one rabbit named Amy had a broken leg treated.

The equine dentist paid a visit to all 6 donkeys and 6 ponies.

Harry the sheep had his toenails clipped.

Due to recent interest in stories written about our animals by Jacqui Steele – President and Co-founder we have decided to add a Tab titled THEIR STORIES. We hope you will enjoy the stories there about individual animals but also touching on larger issues of factory farming, neglect cases, abuse etc. These stories will focus on the positive aspect for the animals now but also ask you to consider what the circumstances were that they came from and how we as individuals can help animals. We hope you enjoy this new addition to the website.

Thankyou to everyone who voted and encouraged others to support the Big Ears dream. Unfortunately we were not successful this time round, we did come second place so that was a very good effort indeed. We will re-register in the future but as there are a few worthy animal charities entering the competition over the next few months we will be supporting them in getting the votes they need to win the prize. We will advertise this through Facebook.