November/December 2014

My apologies for so long between updates. It has been a very busy time here. With the usual intake of animals including lambs, a sheep, a calf, rabbits, a rat, birds and a guinea pig etc we have been filled to capacity.

Please do not dump an animal – this is a death sentence for them not to mentione illegal and can lead to charges.

Our recent holiday to the USA was a welcome break from our 24/7 life here at the Sanctuary. Of course we took the opportunity to visit rabbit rescues whilst away to learn new ideas and see how others operate.

We have an exciting partnership with Robinhood Foundation and Sungevity.

Our inaugral Dinner and Auction was a hit and raised much needed funds for Big Ears.

We now have our water bore in and this is a great saving to Big Ears. We are still very water wise and conscious but it is nice to know it is there if we need it. Thankyou to those who donated to help make this happen.

My health is stable at the moment. I am tired in the afternoon so please if you wish to make contact with me try to do so in the mornings.

We are looking for some more volunteers to fill a position every second Saturday, if you are interested please email me

That’s about it for now, I will try to update in more detail soon.