November 2013

November 30, 2013 trip to Echuca Saleyards (just outside of Melbourne) where 100 donkeys were up for auction as well as camels and horses. Brett attended with Emma and Eliza from Brightside to see if there would be any donkeys or other animals to rescue from the meat works. Big Ears primary concern was about animals being sold for slaughter. As it turned out the prices were high and the animals tended to be bought by farmers, breeders and those looking for pets and hobby farmers. This was good news. However, Brett came across a lot of 5 camels that were not sold and were to be slaughtered. Brett bought 5 camels off the owner and rehomed them with a man who has a kind of camel sanctuary in Mildura.

Whilst Brett was doing this I was madly raising money via facebook and I was extremely pleased by the outcome. As people donated money to save donkeys and were not aware of the camels, Big Ears is offering a refund to people that may wish for one. The money they donated for rescuing donkeys was instead used on saving 5 camels and these camels were definitely saved from slaughter. If you don’t hear from us in the next week or so asking about whether you would like a refund on your donation, then please send us a message via email on

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Other November news. Big Ears rehomed Dex the rabbit to a lovely indoor home. He had lots of bunny dates with his new girlbun and all seems to be progressing well in their new home.

We said good bye to Sweetpea the bunny after 5 to 6 years together her time had come.

We also said goodbye to a rooster with arthritis and a hen who passed away.

We welcomed Emily the cashmere bunny to the family and she enjoyed a beautiful haircut today.

We had 2 male rabbits de-sexed and will have a further 3 done this week.

Socrates the cat has had urinary troubles and may even have an infection. He is on medication and in the hospital to be monitored.

Georgie the ex mummy rabbit finally returned home from the vet after 4 weeks and is on the mend nicely.

Anna the pigeon has an ongoing eye infection which we are treating and she appears to be improving.

Spencer the cat has finally succumbed to all our charms and is a lovely tame cat now. He enjoys his outside aviary living and also enjoys lots of visits and pats.

Big Ears has been enjoying having a couple of young men from Ability Employment spend some time at the Sanctuary with the animals. Their natural affinity with the animals is lovely to see.

We took in Cuddles the baby bunny who was destined to be slaughtered by a man whose neighbour interrupted him and rescued the bunny. Cuddles is a gorgeous boy and lives happily at the Sanctuary.