November 2012

November update. It has been a very busy time. We have sadly said goodbye to

a 12 month old turkey named Zach,

Sophie the rabbit (after 5 years with us, she was put to sleep due to the invasiveness of her cancer). Sophie’s partner went into severe depression and the decision was made to partner him up again with some new friends. He lives with a number of younger female rabbits and he is seen regulary enjoying their attention.

We also said goodbye to Andre the guinea pig who passed away.

Titan one of the rescued farm rabbits whose chest was filled with pus – direct result of living in a factory farm.

We also said goodbye to David another farmed rabbit who had such a terrible eye infection that he could not be treated.

3 hens were put to sleep at the vet after they became unwell. They were ex factory hens and their time to pass had arrived.

We also said goodbye to Anna the rabbit who had only been at the Sanctuary for a few months. She had come from a lifetime of living in a tiny cage and was dreadfully underweight and neglected. She enjoyed her time here and returned to her proper weight and condition but had to be put to sleep due to chronic tear duct blockages in both eyes.

Tulip the cat was rehomed to a wonderful new place. She is a Princess so a home to herself is exactly what she needs. We wish her all the best.

Pipkin the rabbit also passed away. He had been being treated for an abscess on his jaw. He is sadly missed by his girlbun Penny.

The sanctuary welcomed back Martha and Hemmingway the sheep that had been rehomed but due to personal circumstances of the new people the sheep needed to return to the Sanctuary.

Honey-Bee the rat was also welcomed back as part of the same situation. Sadly Honey-Bee was put to sleep recently due to an unknown illness that was making her very sick.

The sanctuary also welcomed 6 ducks, 1 duckling named Quacky and 3 other ducklings that have now all bonded with Quacky.

A rooster was rescued from a car park and brought to the Sanctuary. After a trip to the vet he was treated for a dog attack and is recovering with a carer. His name is Wesley.

Also welcomed was Nemo the sheep, a merino that had to find a new home due to a change in his humans personal circumstances.

The sanctuary took in Sally the 10 week old sheep who appeared to have a broken leg. Sally’s owners did not want to take her to the vet and decided that if Big Ears wouldn’t take her then they would have her throat slit. Big ears took Sally in and had her treated at the vet as she should have been in the first place. She had a leg fracture which was treated and she was placed on pain medication. Unfortunately Sally did not make it and passed away the next day, a possible complication from the anasthetic? it is unknown. Poor Sally at least she died without pain and fear and would have just gone to sleep.