2nd March 2011

2nd March 2011 saw the end of an era with our old gent of the farm Kevin the Rooster passing away. Kevin was our first rooster and joined the sanctuary in 2006. He was always such a gentleman and the hens loved him very much. He is dearly missed by all that had the pleasure…

12 February 2011

12 February 2011 the Sanctuary featured in the Tasmanian Mercury newspaper

11 February 2011

11 February 2011, Pudding the cat is having her spay and microchip today thanks to the sponsorship by Ann Cook. 1st week of February we welcomed Charli the cockatoo and TomTom the long billed corella The months of Janaury and February saw Big ears provide a forever home to 8 rabbits, 3 roosters and 4…

11th January 2011

11th January 2011 Southern Cross Television came out to take footage of our animal family for a commercial about Big Ears. The commercial is being made free of charge and will also air free of charge. Keep an eye out for the Big Ears commercial coming soon. A Big Thankyou to Southern Cross Television

December 2010

December saw the Sanctuary take in 1 bird, 11 rabbits, 1 guinea pig, 37 hens, 5 roosters and 1 turkey. It has been a very busy few months leading up to the NY. We have welcomed a group of 50 hens/roosters, 2 guinea pigs, 5 rabbits. We have also said goodbye to some dear friends…

November 2010

November 2010 saw the arrival of 1 rooster, 7 rabbits, 1 chick and 1 guinea pig

October 2010

October 2010 the Sanctuary took in 3 rabbits, 5 roosters, 12 hens, 4 geese, 1 dog, 1 goat, 1 sheep and 1 guinea pig. We welcomed Connor the GSD into our family as well as 2 lop ear rabbits, 4 geese and hens and roosters.

September 2010

August and September have been very very busy. 2 new born lambs arrived, roosters, rabbits and 2 corellas and a ferret (now rehomed). The pregnant guinea pig ended up not being pregnant whch was good news. It has also been a sad time with a number of animals passing away, including Guzzle-Bug, whose loss is…

July 2010

So far in July we have taken in 3 roosters, 3 rabbits, 1 one-eyed cat and 1 pregnant guinea pig (see the animals page). We have said goodbye to 3 rabbits, one of which was Teddy who was 10 years old and had lived in our bathroom for over 12 months to recover from pneumonia…

June 2010

In June we took in 2 old sheep aged over 10 years, 7 ducks, 2 geese and 2 older goats aged 9 and 10 years.