Mid 2012

October is already quite busy with the arrival of Lulu the lamb. She is the daughter of Mrs Waggs, a ewe we took in knowing she might be pregnant. Unfortunately Mrs Waggs didn’t have any milk for Lulu and Jacqui had to stomach tube feed her until she learned to drink from a bottle. Four hourly feeds are a lot of work, especially through the night. Lulu appears to be doing well and grows bigger by the day.

The winter months seem to be slow months for donations so we are actively asking people to sponsor one of our animals. As our friends and supporters know, we are entirely self funded, we do not have a major sponsor and we are a registered charity.

On 29th September we took in a male goat that we have called Captain Crunch. Captain Crunch had been rescued by a lady who could then not look after him due to his size. She did the right thing and found him a new home at Big Ears. His handsome picture will soon appear in the How to Help page where he can be sponsored.

On 30th September 2012 we took in a cat named Ruby. Ruby was unable to stay with her human as she has some major issues with toileting and therefore not suitable to be rehomed or to go to the RSPCA. Ruby is settling in and will eventually appear on the How to Help page for sponsorship.

On 23rd September we rehomed 2 female guinea pigs.

Over the past month we have rehomed Kimba the cat, 2 ducks, and Mialto the sight impaired cat. Two of our bottle reared sheep; Martha and Hemmingway also found a wonderful new home.

2 bunnies flew to Melbourne to their new forever home. We sadly said goodbye to Harry HotFuzz and Freyline but we are happy knowing they have gone to a very good indoor home.

On Saturday 11 August we rescued 2 geese and then rehomed them the same day to a fabulous forever home where they can wander around, free to do their own thing but also safe.

Big Ears now has weekly volunteers that help out at the Sanctuary. Nancy, Kath and Maureen, Miriam and Michael and Laura. Their love for the animals is obvious and they are a wonderful addition to the Big Ears team.

Our focus at present is working through the remaining boys from the meat farm rescue to have them neutered. The boys are now in seperate cages after reaching sexual maturity and deciding that they can’t live together in harmony anymore.

Big Ears took in approximately 18 guinea pigs over the past month as well as 5 roosters. The guinea pigs can be sponsored on the How to Help page.

Big Ears also rehomed HoneyBee the rat to a wonderful new home with 2 other rats for company. 2 male guinea pigs were also rehomed to the same place.

Budd the guinea pig that is apparently sight and hearing impaired was also rehomed to a wonderful new home.

2 of the male farm rescue rabbits have been rehomed over the past 2 weeks and it is likely another 2 bunnies will go to these wonderful new homes as well.

Oliver the feral kitten that was found in our carport lying in the sun to die, is doing well and thriving. We had his de-sex last week (late July 2012) to find that she is a he and now called Oliver. Oliver may have a new home to go to so we are hopeful that this will happen for him. He has begun his vaccinations and will soon be completed.

At the vet this month we had 10 rabbit neuters, 2 rabbit euthenased, 2 ducks for treatment, one with egg yolk peritonitis, another with a lump removed from his chest.

Cat vaccinations are due and we have a number booked in for their vacc. and health check over the coming weeks. Cats – Beexelbub, Milo, Humphrey and Cuddlepie have had their vaccinations. Lily-Rose, Turtle and Midnight the rabbits have had their annual vaccination.

We had to vet home visits to assess and treat Bubby the donkey. Later in the week the vet returned to put Bubby to sleep.

The Sunday Tasmanian Newspaper dated 5 August 2012 did a lovely 2 page story on Big Ears focussing on Jacqui’s nomination for Australian of the Year ‘local hero category’.

It is with great sadness that this month we said goodbye to Bubby the donkey. Bubby was in his 30’s and had rapidly become unwell. Despite treatment from the vet Bubby did not improve and in fact deteriorated again quite quickly. The decision was made in consultation with the vet to have him put to sleep. The vet came out and kindly helped our little man without any fear or pain to move onto his next adventure wherever that may be. Bubby is missed by al his donkey herd, he was a kind, gentle boy and cared for his girls. The girls spent time with Bubby after he had passed on so that they could say their goodbyes.