May 2014

12th May 2014 we took in 3 bunnies and 3 ducks. All seem to be settling in well.

We had to say goodbye to Bubbles the rabbit who passed away suddenly and to one of our guinea pigs and Marvin and Sky the budgies who were unable to fight off the respiratory illnesses they had. They came from smoking environments and have had problems since before they arrived.

I have managed to catch another feral cat, a medium sized tabby we’re calling Thomas O’Malley.

Frankie the pigs foot is still causing him trouble so we are getting him used to our pig race so that he can be anethetised by the vet and have his foot operated on.

8th May was a very busy day at the Sanctuary. 7 Westpac volunteers came out and worked very hard doing lots of unpleasant and hard jobs that we haven’t been able to get to. The girls worked hard and did so with a smile on their face, we were thankful for their help and look forward to their next volunteer day.

That same day we had two vets out to vaccinate 80 or so rabbits and a number of other checks on animals. It was a long day of bunny catching and health checks. Thankyou for everyone for their help.

Melissa Clark finished her Ironman event and was very successful. Thankyou to everyone who supported her and helped her to raise money for Big Ears. She has listed the winners of the ‘secret’ prizes on her website.