May 2013

13th May 2013 Ashlee Bunny Appeal. Ashlee the rabbit has had a large abscess removed from her lower back. She is on antibiotics and round the clock care to keep her wound healthy. Ashlee is now experiencing issues with her wound and is back at the vet to be treated again and have her wound debrided and restitched. We are asking for donations towards Ashlee’s medical expenses. Ashlee is one of the meat farm rabbits that we rescued over 12 months ago. She is a lovely rabbit full of life and love and has really started to open up to her new life as a free rabbit. Ashlee has a chance to continue to enjoy her freedom but the past farming conditions keep catching up with her in the form of this abscess. This is the first time Ashlee has had an abscess and other than that she is in good health. Her surgeries and medication have been quite expensive and will continue to be so. Any donations will be greatly appreciated and will go directly to Ashlee’s medical bills.