May 2011

This week (23rd May 2011) we said goodbye to Major Tom and Miss Mog the cats. They were both put to sleep due to ill health and age.

We welcomed Nina and Paddy the rabbits.

Who’s in the hospital – Bosco is still receiving his daily medications and flushing. The wound is looking clean and appears to be healing. Back to the vet for a visit this week.

Annie is still struggling to put on weight.

Lucas’s ears appear to be clearing up. He still recieves daily medication as well as daily ear cleaning.

Mojo the rabbit is unwell, perhaps teeth? off to the vet for a consult

Ally the chicken has a sore foot and is off to the vet this week

Chewy, Scratchy and Jumpy the rabbits had their spay and neuter last week. Stitches due out in 14 days

Julia is due her calici vaccination and is off to the vet this week

Thanks to a sponsorship both Butterscotch and Sophie the rabbits are booked in for their spay this week.

Vet to visit to castrate Wilbur the mini pig

Connor the dog is having some problems with his ears again, will have a check up when the vet visits.

Meldrick the turkey appears to have his eye infection back – check up when vet visits.

So far for May we have taken in 6 birds, 1 pig, 1 turkey and 1 cat and 2 ponies