March 2015

9th March 2015 will forever be etched as a very sad day for me. My beautiful dog Lucas-Bear passed away suddenly at the Sanctuary. One minute he was barking the next he was gone. He has left a hole that will not be filled. As many of you know Lucas was my best friend, he was always by my side. When I was recovering from chemo, he was on the bed beside me, sometimes up to 16 hours a day.

To focus my grief into something positive we have given a home to a beautiful new german shepherd named Frappe who is 9.5 years old. He is a lovely boy and enjoying his new lifestyle on the farm and loving his new friend Ellie.

We also said goodbye to Captain Coco one of my beloved rabbits who had lived with us for a number of years. He had his front teeth removed due to problems and he lived very happily without them for a number of years. It was very sad to say goodbye to him also.

Gerald the goat has come to live with us. He is a colourful character and his old family visit him regularly.

I trapped a feral cat in january this year and she has since given birth to 4 beautiful kittens. I named the mum {retzel, she is a calico, white, black and brown. She is a good mum and she was up until a week ago still feral but decided to be my friend now and lets me handle her and her babies.

On 17th March 2015 I found an emaciated black kitten in a bunny pen. She was just sitting there and was so sick she could not even run away from us. A vet check showed she has ringworm and incredibly underweight and malnourished. She needed a vitamnin injection as well as subcutaneous fluids. She is now in foster care and being treated for malnourishment and ring worm. We have already found her a home which is wonderful and once cured she will go to live there.