March 2013

March 2013 has seen a number of rabbits undergo a variety of surgeries for injuries. Blissie is recovering from a tear duct infection. Flashie is being treated for an ear wound which so far has avoided being amputated. Bramble wasn’t so lucky and she had her ear amputated after what we assume was a fight that left her with an abscess low in her ear. Meg the turkey hen is recovering from having her leg caught in some fencing.

Big Ears discovered a new resident cat now named Sneaky. After capturing Sneaky it was discovered that he had a number of health issues that were going to be too difficult to treat due to his ill health and with his feral nature. Sneaky was put to sleep.

Big Ears also took in a baby goat named Joe that had been dumped. He is very poor condition and is loving cuddles and hay.

The new bunny pen has been completed and approximately 20 bunnies both male and female (all de-sexed) have moved in. They are loving their new space.