June 2013

On Saturday 29th June Big Ears took in 2 6 month old cats that had been dumped at Burnie beach. It appears they were deliberately dumped on the rocks where there chances of survival were minimal. Luckily for these 2 cats they were saved by some caring people, although there were originally 3 cats, there was a large tide and it appears one may have lost his life. The remaining 2 are now living it up at Big Ears. The female is a beautiful tortie and we have called her Princess Whiskers. The male is a beautiful black boy and we have named him Johnny. Johnny was neutered on Sunday and is recovering nicely. Princess Whiskers has been sponsored already and Johnny is waiting for someone to sponsor him.

Scallywag the baby goat has come to join the family. He was found abandoned by a lady who could not locate his mother or his human owner. With the very cold weather we have been having she made a decision to bring the goat inside and try and feed him and save him. The next day she contacted us and we asked for him to be dropped off at our vet and we took care of him from there. Scallywag is his name and he most certainly lives up to it. He did have trouble taking to his bottle but after much perseverance he is now enjoying his divetalact feeds every 4 hours or so.

We have been very pleased by the number of people who have responded to our suggestions about making a donation or sponsorship before the end of the financial year so they may claim it back on their tax.

Good bunny friends of Big Ears named Momo and Sunny baked some yummy bunny biscuit treats and raised money for Big Ears animals. Thankyou Momo and Sunny and of course mum Joelle for your donation.

We had a visit and a generous donation by Pat Turner whose husband recently passed away. It was his wish that a donation be made to an animal charity and his wife chose Big Ears. We spent a lovely couple of hours meeting all the residents. The donation was made in Memory of Geoffrey Turner.

Recently May and Nicholas Lee were married and decided to donate all money they received as wedding gifts to the animals at Big Ears. It is fair to say that we were blown away by such generosity and we are very thankful to May and Nicholas and their friends and family. We wish them a long and happy marriage and once again we are so very thankful and uplifted by their selflessness and generosity at a time when starting a new life together can be quite a costly endeavour.

A very sad couple of weeks. We had to say goodbye to Uno the rabbit, Polly the rabbit and on 9th June 2013 we said goodbye to our 14 year old German Shepherd Panda. We have had her as a pet for 14 years, such a long time and such a big part of the family. Her dog buddy Connor seems to be coping well at this stage. Many thanks to the vet Sally-Anne who came out to our home and helped Panda on her way. She went peacefully surrounded by those that loved her.

Farrier visited to do the donkey and pony hooves. Muffin the donkey has a hoof abscess which we are treating and hopefully will be better in the next few days.

Some of you may have seen the pictures of Gwenni the female cockatiel that was surrendered to Big Ears. She had one eye totally encrusted with debris and pus and it was unknown if she even had an eye. We sent her to the vet and after a light anaesthetic her eye was cleared of debris and she is on antibiotic cream twice a day.

Smokey the rabbit has terrible dental issues and has undergone one operation to remove some teeth and will need another operation next week for more teeth renewal. If you would like to make a donation towards Smokey’s dental bills you can do so via paypal or make the donation to our Vet Launceston Vet Clinic on Wellington Street (Pet Time Vet Time) and ask to pay some money off the Big Ears vet bill.

Big Ears was featured in a story in the Weekly Times. To read the article head to this site.


Thankyou to everyone who has made donations towards Ashlee the million dollar bunny’s fund. It has been a great help and Ashlee is going from strength to strength. We have been a bit low on funds so all amounts of donations are very much welcome.