June 2011

Annie went to the vet on 27th June and now weighs 26 kilograms. The vet performed an ultrasound and it was found that Annie does look to have cancer and also part of her vertebrae is fused which explains why she has been limping. Annie is now on pain relief medication.

Frankie the pig also went to the vet to have the site of his wound drained and a vaccination. Frankie is currently on antibiotics.

29 June Alexander the cat went to the vet to be castrated as well as having a lump in his chest checked.

we welcomed 2 doves, 2 kittens and a cockatoo and a cat.

25th June saw another productive working bee. Thanks to everyone that helped with the new dog running areas, this will help minimize the amount of dirt the dogs get covered in and makes it easier for them to come inside.

we said goodbye to Lily the pony who had to be PTS after developing a stomach blockage. We also said farewell to Rascal Scampini and Doogal the rabbits.

we welcomed George the cat and 7 guinea pigs.

rescued a chicken from a hawk and she is in the hospital receiving treatment after a visit to the vet.

Flashie and Jimmy the rabbits were neutered thanks to someone sponsoring them.

we took in a piglet and have named him Frankie