July 2013

July 11th. website still a problem not able to update as easily as I would like and all old information is lost from the ‘sponsored animals’ page. Seeking some professional help.

Took in a young rooster named Bernie. He was found wandering the suburbs without a responsible human to be found. The people who found him contacted Big Ears to see if we could take him

We also took in Jemima the bunny. She is a beautiful little bush bunny that survived the bushfires earlier this year by running to a nearby house and sitting on their doorstep. Jemima was only a baby with her eyes hardly open. She was then taken to a ‘bunny person’ who knew how to hand rear her but were sadly unable to keep her. She now calls Big Ears her home and she is 100% smooch.

July 1 – not so good news re website

Due to a technical issue we have lost our ‘Sponsored Animals” page which has somehow been duplicated with the How to help page. It appears I will have to recreate the Sponsored Animals page all over again. This is going to be a huge undertaking so please be patient when accessing this page and you find that it is not up to date or your sponsored animal is not on there. I will do my best to recreate and keep things updated.