January 2015

As many of you know, January was quite hectic. We took in 30 rabbits from a terrible neglect and abuse situation. One of which is named Bundles. This rabbit is amazing. He has a number of fractures to 3 of his 4 limbs due to being caught in the wire and who knows what other atrocities. He was left to heal on his own with no pain relief or any kindness or compassion at all. His 29 fellow friends are also extremely traumatised, very afraid and flighty. We arw working through vaccinating them and de-sexing them as well as trying to tame them.

During the month of January we also had Lucas-Bear have emergency surgery for a twisted spleen. It was a close call and had he not been operated on immediatley he would not have survived.

We also took in 2 seperate groups of baby bush rabbits about 5 days old with their eyes still closed. They are now doing well, no longer being syringe fed and should be able to be released soon.

We trapped a feral cat now named Pretzel and we are trying to tame her.

We took in 2 sheep named Delilah and Daanee.

We took in 30 hens and 1 goat.

Here is a snapshot of our Vet visits for the month of January 2015

11 female rabbit spays, 15 male rabbit neuters, Oliver the cat abscess removal and drain inplant and removal. Basil the guinea pig had an abcess removed and drain put in and removed. 1 duck, 2 roosters and 1 rabbit were put to sleep due to illnesses. 1 female rabbit wounded in fight and had to go to vet for stitching. Lucas-Bear had emergency surgery to remove his spleen. Connor the dog had a check up as well. 3 female buns returned to vet for opening spay stitches and had to be re-stitched.

Finally I have to apologise for my slowness at getting receipts out and updating the web. My web helper has been on a well earned break with her family. I can’t wait until she returns.