January 2012

31/1/12 Said goodbye to our beautiful Gorky the cockatoo who had beak and feather disease.

Sherlock and Moriarty were vaccinated and de-sexed

Took in Declan the rooster and Polly the rabbit

Rehomed Bert and Ernie the goats

Rehomed Blossom the pony and welcomed Piglet the pig.

Rehomed Mummy and Bessie the goats, they have gone to a wonderful forever home.

Maurice Jr the rooster had to have surgery after he raced under the car and came off second best. He is on antibiotics and doing well.

1 guinea pig named Bazil has joined the other girls at the Sanctuary.

17 rabbits vaccinated against calici

Brambles the rabbit has been spayed

Sophie the rabbit had a cancerous growth removed from her third eyelid

Buttons the rabbit is being treated for suspected cancer on her nose, however she has responded well to the ointment and may not need surgery.

Tippy the rabbit had a tear duct infection which has now cleared up.