February 2014

2014 – to date (27/02/14) Big Ears has taken in 8 hens, 1 galah, 7 rabbits and 6 ducks.

weekend of 22/02/14 was a very sad day as we remembered 12 months since the passing of Milton the steer. Milton’s first mum Lorraine, who had raised him for his first 3 years and saved him from death as he was born with a broken leg, came out to visit his grave. We both cried together and laughed remembering how wonderful Milton was and how incredibly lucky we were to have known him. He died at 12 years of age. He was a 1 tonne poll Hereford and the most handsome beast I have ever seen (yes I am biased). He was a gentle giant and the farm just isn’t the same without his massive presence. Those that knew Milton loved him, he had an amazing impact on everyone and we miss him dearly.

As many of you may know, money has been a bit tight lately. As we don’t have any major funding except from Bio Distributors, we have been relying on our own personal savings to pay for things lately. As a result, many wonderful people have come forward to help. There is a raffle being held for Big Ears, check out our FB page for more details. We also have a Iron-woman Melissa Clark entering a gruelling event and raising money for Big Ears. Her web site with how you can help by sponsoring kilometres she achieves will soon be available as well as many prizes for those who support her. I will update when the site goes live. She is an amazing person, who cares for animals and is incredibly fit and healthy. I am quite envious of her.

In addition we are selling a number of items via our FB site in order to raise some much needed funds. Please also remember you can pay some money off our enormous vet bill at the Launceston Vet Clinic in Wellington Street (opposite Glen Dhu Primary) and known as Pet Time Vet Time. Just go in and tell them you would like to pay some money off of our account. We appreciate it very much.

We have also take in 4 rabbits and had many to the vet for their de-sexing and annual vaccinations.