Early 2012

Big Ears is very busy at present with 300 new rabbits. Big Ears along with other bunny groups and supporters were able to buy out an entire meat rabbit farm that was for sale. We were able to secure all the bunnies including babies, pregnant does, bucks, 2 and 3 month old female and male rabbits. We also secured some of the cages.

Thanks to the wonderful vet and vet nurse from the Pet Time Vet Time Launceston Vet we were able to vaccinate the female rabbits, separate the males and females and isolate the bunnies needing medical attention and those that unfortunately need euthanasia. All male rabbits have now been vaccinated also.

For more information you can check out our videos on Youtube or if you are a friend on FB you can see pictures and videos there.

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Our Big Ears commercial is now on YouTube!