December 2011

You can now purchase food at Pet Barn – Bathurst St Launceston and put it in the Big Ears container

Both feral kittens are now tame and have been named Sherlock and Moriarty. Thanks to Kerryne both have been sponsored and have had their vaccinations on 19 December 2011.

Freyline’s two kits that were attacked by a rat have had to return to the vet to have their abscesses dealt with. Bings had to have an ear removed and Snoop has a nasty wound on her side that was stitched up.

On 13 Decmeber Big Ears took in 2 rats (not the ones that attacked the baby buns, these are pet rats), 2 love birds and one cockateil.

First week of December and we have take in one feral cat and 2 feral kittens

Captain Cocoa had 3 more teeth removed

last week of November we took in 7 guinea pig males

We took in 2 roosters named Coconut and Forest.

We recently took in a guinea pig that has now given birth to 3 lovely babies.

Freyline the rabbit has also had 7 babies. She came into the Sanctuary already pregnant.

Captain Cocoa had 2 more teeth removed

The 5 baby bunnies have been vaccinated.

Milo, Cuddle-pie and Beez the cats have had their vaccination

Thanks to the Jackson’s Big Ears now has a portable outside toilet for the volunteers and visitors to use.

5 baby buns due their vaccination this week

Captain Cocoa and Toggle the bunnies are being neutered this week.

Big Ears welcomed Finn the mini pony. We’re expecting his son Dundee in a few weeks. All bunnies are up to date with their vaccinations.

Big Ears welcomed 5 baby bunnies and 2 more rabbits late October.

Connor had his annual canine vaccination

The farrier did Pedro, Kelly and Molly’s hooves.

The sheep were sheared and are all happy to be wool free.

George and Mialto have now moved into their temporary new enclosure kindly donated by the Jackson’s. Both cats are loving the serenity – and all the food ‘just for them’.

Tulip, and Pudding both had their annual feline vaccination. George the cat has a rash that the vet says is stress related. We will need to build him a new enclosure to live in, possibly with Tulip and Mialto so he doesn’t feel as stressed as he does now living with 9 other cats. If you would like to help please go to the How To Help page and make a donation.