April 2015

April 2015 has been a very busy time. Firstly we had a myxo outbreak that claimed 5 of our bunnies. We then went into extreme quarantine measures to try and contain this terrible killer disease. We are in lock down until 21 days have passed since the first case. We also found 2 wild bush buns on the property with it and caught them and had them put to sleep at the vet.

We also took in 3 ponies, 1 mini donkey, 2 goats and 2 sheep from a deceased estate.

We also caught and transported Roddy the big, beautiful Highland steer.

In late April I caught another feral kitten. We are hopeful that we can tame her as well.

Pretzel the feral cat is no longer feral and is very friendly towards the humans. Her babies are now about 8 weeks old and are healthy and happy.