April 2013

On April 3 2013, it was announced that Big Ears has been sponsored by Evandale Football Club. This is an exciting collaborabtion and Joe the goat has become the unofficial mascot. Story in the Examiner newspaper and will be added here shortly.

Big Ears also took in Diva and Blindy the sheep, you can find more about them in the Sponsored Animals tab.

We also had to have 2 rabbits put to sleep due to massive respiritory issues and abscesses from being an ex meat farm rabbit.

April 4 2013 a group of students from Launceston College Animal Studies course spent a few hours here learning about the animals that call Big Ears their home.

Other exciting news is the art exhibition titled RABBIT featuring photographs by Mary Costello of the meat farm rescued rabbits at Big Ears Animal Sanctuary. The exhibition is in Sydney and runs for 3 weeks starting 13 April 2013.