April 2011

Summary for April, the Sanctuary took in 1 dog, 3 cats, 2 ponies, 1 kitten, 1 cow, and 1 duck.

Who’s in the hospital – Bosco the rabbit has had an operation to remove an abscess in his nasal cavity. The wound needs to be flushed daily, antibiotics injected and pain medication provided daily. Annie the GSD is too thin to have her spay or to have the mammory lumps looked at, she will also need an X-ray. We have to get Annie to put on some weight. Vanilla the rabbit is also thin and needs to have more weight on her frame before the vet can look at what has caused the second lump to appear under her jaw where she recently had a jaw abscess. Lucas-Bear the GSD had an operation to allow the vet to clean his ears. His ears had a major infection. He is now on antibiotics daily, and ear cleaning and flushing daily.

Easter Saturday saw the arrival of a beautiful old dairy cow named Blossom. She is 18 years old and will live out her days here at the Sanctuary.

Early April we took in Sunny and Pixie 2 beautiful mini ponies who will now call the Sanctuary home.

Last week we had to take Hemmingway to the vet, he had an abscess on the side of his face, possibly caused by a grass seed.

In March the Sanctuary took in 6 roosters, 2 rabbits, 1 kitten, 1 dog, 15 geese, 1 duckling, 1 pony and 1 goat.

15 Geese have joined the Big Ears family as well as Lucas our new German Shepherd rescued by NSW GSD rescue. He is extremely emaciated, missing hair and has an ear infection.

Billy the sheep and pebbles the cat were both rehomed to wonderful new families.

we took in 3 young roosters and a 7 week old kitten that had been hit by a car and has a broken jaw.