Big Ears is home to approx. 100 turkeys. There were originally wild turkeys in the local area that all gravitated towards Big Ears as there was a constant food supply and then never left. One lucky turkey named Bolly actually wandered onto the property on a Christmas Day.

Because the turkeys can fly over extremely high fencing, the female turkeys were heading up to nearby bush during the spring and coming back with lots of little turkeys. The only way to prevent this was to build a purpose built turkey enclosure that has a netted roof. This enclosure once finished cost approx. $10,000.00.

Big Ears is committed to prevent the breeding of any animal at the sanctuary and all eggs are collected daily. We also have a number of surrendered turkeys that call Big Ears home.

The photo below shows Bolly when she walked in.                     The three amigo’s.

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