The sanctuary is home to 12 sheep.

In 2010 Martha and Hemmingway were bottled reared on the property after being rescued from situations where their mothers were not looking after them.

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Sheep are considered a commodity in Australia for their wool, meat and overseas sales. This includes Live Export.

On an individual level it is interesting that people comment at Spring time on the cuteness of lambs, and the Lamb Industry produces advertisements about how ‘Australian’ it is to have lamb on special occasions like Australia Day and Mothers Day. Wouldn’t it be more fitting for Mother’s Day to let the lamb be with it’s mother rather than have it go through the anguish of removal, fear at the truck loading and then a brutal death at the slaughterhouse?

Some sheep medical procedures are exempted from the Animal Welfare Act such as desexing, tail banding and mulesing. These procedures are allowed to be performed without anaesthetic. They are painful and cruel.