Major Projects Undertaken

The Animal Education Centre                    

We are so excited by our new Education Centre that we wanted to briefly mention some of our ideas to you regarding what we hope to be providing. This is outside of the obvious school education that will be taking place.

Firstly, it will be an inclusive Centre and we hope to have many different animal welfare/sanctuaries/rescues involved so they can help to educate and share knowledge and skills on a variety of topics. We see the Centre as a place which focuses on better outcomes for ‘all’  animals.

We will have people with knowledge about various animals and pets come and speak to groups that are interested about animals. For example, from enriching the lives of your pet birds, rabbits etc to more advanced sessions with experienced bird rabbit, horse carers, vets nurses and vets.

There will be an opportunity for Vets to provide training to other vet professionals and vet nurses.

Vegan/vegetarian cooking lessons.

Talks from other animal groups and training provided by these groups as well.

Art and craft sessions with animal themes of course for all ages and abilities. So many exciting things coming up and many talented people willing to assist in providing workshops with the aim of helping animals in a multi faceted approach to reach people at all.

This Education Centre will be one of a kind in Tasmania and is well placed to service the entire state and work with other animal stakeholders.

If you have any ideas please send us a message or a pm. If you would like to offer your expertise or knowledge on a topic, please let us know. The Education Centre is about providing a better outcome for all animals.

The Great Cat Rescue and Relocation

Jacqui received contact some years ago from a lady who would like to remain anonymous.  She was concerned about a group of beautiful cats that had been dumped by a beach.  Over the next few months this lady spent every day trying to capture the cats and transport them to the Sanctuary.  Even though the feral cat population is an enormous problem, this lady wanted to make a difference for this one colony of feral cats that she had become quite fond of.  A total of ten cats were captured and now call Big Ears home.

A new cat enclosure has been built at the Sanctuary.  If you would like to help out with this remarkable attempt by one lady to make a difference in these cats lives, then please head to the Donate/Shop page and make a donation to assist with another enclosure.  Or you can sponsor one of the cats which will allow Big Ears to have the cats health checked, vaccinated and de-sexed.  Below are a couple of the cats.

P1120820  P1120817

Photo of Brett building an extension to the cat enclosure.


The Main Hay Barn

The barn has been finished and stores approx. 900 bales of hay.

P1160999 P1170002 (2)