2009 Update

Since the last update we have had a number of animals pass away. Princess and Queenie the old sows, Ringo the guinea pig, Rory the cockatoo, Dolly the dove, Mimi the goat, Toffee and Blackberry the rabbits.

We have also welcomed 7 new roosters, 2 which were dearly loved pets but needed to be re-homed. They are named Louie and Rusty and are beautiful birds. The other roosters are named Herman and Sherman, Bruce, Sylvester and Albert.

We have also welcomed 3 new rabbits, named Stanley, Sullivan and Faith and a cockatoo named Magic.

In October we welcomed 3 meat rabbits, Herbie, Mischief and Mayhem. Their stories will be added shortly.

We have been busy looking after a number of high needs animals, particularly two rabbits named Teddy who developed pneumonia and Sweetpea who has a chronic tear duct infection. These illnesses are on going and need lots of attention and medication.

Late September we welcomed 4 rabbits named Bosco, Wigglesworth, Giggles and Sophie and 3 pigeons named Razzle, Dazzle and Jazz.

In August 4 roosters were dumped on our property and unfortunately they ran onto the neighbours property and were extremely hard to catch. After a month I was able to lure them over to our hen area and 3 of the 4 have now moved in and are becoming friendly. We have named them Mustafa, Saladin and Yossi. The fourth illusive rooster is named Giovanni.

In July the sanctuary took in 4 pigs. 2 are miniatures now named Winkerbean and Applesauce that had been with an animal hoarder.

The other 2 pigs came from a family that needed to re-home them. They are called Tibby and Lena. We suspect, as did the previous family, that Lena has hearing difficulties.

Pumpkin the rabbit was de-sexed and had his eye treated. He will soon be able to move in with his sisters whom he has lived next to since he arrived.

Baxter the guinea pig died. Taupie the guinea pig became very unwell and we treated him for possible vitamin C deficiency and he has recovered.